Report on operations to the end of 2020

To say 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. However our opperations at NCSWMC was not affected very much. Our volumes were up marginally and the stock pile of material in the shipping yard was reduced to normal levels.

The volumes received from NCSWMC member municipalities since 2003 are listed.

2003    1542T        2013   3586T

2004    2383T        2014   3764T

2005    2203T        2015   3883T

2006    2763T        2016   4424T

2007    3076T        2017   4033T

2008    3280T        2018   3805T

2009    3716T        2019   3309T

2010    4078T        2020   3463T

2011    3523T

2012    3739T

​When NCSWMC was formed and funding was received to build our MRF, our engineers designed the building to handle a max flow of 4,000 tons of material. This year when reviewing the reports from our operations contractor we realized we were not including the ICI commercial tons in our calculations for total volume in the MRF. When we recalculated the figures we found the max flow through our facility was in 2016 at 7,179 metric tonnes.


North Central Saskatchewan Waste Management Corp. (NCSWMC)
. . . is in the business of recycling paper and cardboard. 

NCSWMC is a non-profit corporation owned by 12 municipalities in North Central Saskatchewan.

  1. Village of Albertville
  2. Town of Birch Hills
  3. RM of Buckland #491
  4. RM of Garden River #490
  5. District of Lakeland #521
  6. Village of Meath Park
  7. Village of Paddockwood
  8. City of Prince Albert
  9. Prince Albert National Park (PANP)
  10. RM of Prince Albert #461
  11. Village of Weirdale
  12. Village of Christopher Lake

Map of Municipalities, Cities and Villages

GovernanceThe recovery facility:

NCSWMC is controlled by a seven member Board of Directors, selected from among the representatives appointed by its members.


The Material Recovery Facility is located at 460 40th St. East, Prince Albert.

Facility Operation:

Crown Shred and Recycling LogoCrown Shred & Recycling Inc. operates the facility under contract with NCSWMC.